Battles in Plastic

GI Joe Behind the Scenes

This page will give you an idea of how we did all of this. All you need is a digital camera(or a regular camera if you have a scanner), toys, and an imagination.

Some pictures are used and some are not.
To make sure we would have enough pictures, we took a lot of extra ones just in case we would need them. You never know when a picture will be corrupted or deleted, soo PLEASE take extra pictures.

BE CAREFUL!!! Toys WILL get HURT!!! :(
If you play with toys, sooner or later they will get hurt. Look at what happened to my Baroness figure!!!! Hopefully, she can be saved. But some toys are not soo lucky. Remeber, *FRIENDS DON'T LET TOYS GET HURT!!!!*

Always take care of your toys because they are your childhood and in the future, you will probably carry them down to your children. So, protect them and when one breaks, fix it or buy a new one on eBay. :)


If you want to do a little trick like this, ask Jonathan. I have no idea how he did this, but it looks cool.

The figures on all of these pages are mine(with no thanks to Jonathan). If you want to buy some, check out eBay or go to a search engine and type in "GI Joe figures for sale" and you'll find something.

We did this all of this because we were all bored and had nothing to do in the afternoons. But now our time is limited, I guess you could say. But have no fear, there will be MANY MORE GI JOE ADVENTURES!!!!! YO JOE!!!!