Battles in Plastic!

Action! Fire Fights! Laser Battles! In Plastic!

Welcome to Battles in Plastic!

The site where you can see the end-products of somebody who had too much time on their hand's camera. In riveting 3.5 inch or somewhere there abouts size, see gut wrenching battles recreated in the verdant forests and fields of some far away place-namely, Ellisville, Mississippi. Enjoy!

Catergories of Action!

Star Wars: Credits to George Lucas and other folks associated with him...

Star Trek(I'm sorry...): Credits to Paramount Pictures

G. I. Joe: Credits to Hasbro

That's it. Please don't bring legal action upon our heads. We ain't got no money! (see note below)

What's New

Nothing to speak of yet. Stay posted on your Engineer Radios 120s and your Holodecks!

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