Battles in Plastic!

Yo Joe! Page No.1

In the forest of some state in eastern North America, Cobra is securing a secret base hidden at the head of a lush, well hidden gorge. A detachment of gun-ho Joes have been dispatched to investigate. After all, Cobra tends to build in some far off Jungle, not in Americas backyard...

Upon locating a Cobra patrol, the Joes move into battle...
...after whacking the Cobra, the troops encounter more enemies

The fire fight moves into a trench running right to Cobra's nerve center!

A Cobra vehicle is quickly dispatched when it pokes its snout out of a crevice
Flint becomes trapped in a shell hole, but fights his way out!

Entering the forest pursuing the fleeing Cobras, a medic slips and tumbles...
Suprise! The Joes fall back, but only for a moment.

The team moves down the ravine towards the sound of voices.
The Joes bust in on the base and blaze away like heck!

Cobra fights G.I. Joe, even though they are hopelessly outnumbered...
But in the end, Cobra retreats in fear, crying and trembling all the way, as usual.

And G.I. Joe will ALWAYS BE THERE!!!!!